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History of Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing started in the early 1960s. This terminology was associated with IBM and DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation).Before Computing was come into existence, client Server Architecture was used where all the data and control of client resides in Server side. If a single user want to access some data, firstly user need to connect to the server and after that user will get appropriate access.

Around 1961, John McCarthy at MIT suggested the idea of computing being sold like a utility. However, as the idea was ahead of its time, it failed to gain traction, despite the interest in the model. The technology was just not feasible at that time.

After the year 1999, Salesforce company started deliver applications and services to users over the Internet . This led to the idea of computing being sold as a utility to finally transform into reality.

Amazon was next on the bandwagon, launching Amazon Web Service in 2002.Amazon created AWS (Amazon web services) and also noted its Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). Amazon will provide storage, computation over the internet.By 2008, Google too introduced its beta version of the search engine. Earlier announced by Microsoft in the year 2008, it released its cloud computing service named Microsoft Azure for testing, deployment and managing applications and services.