PHP for loop

A for loop is a control statement using which the programmer can give instructions to the computer to execute a set of statement repeatedly as long as specified condition is satisfied. It is required to specify how many times a set of statements have to be executed it is also called counter controlled loop.
         for(exp 1; exp 2; exp 3)
              statement ……………………



for is a keyword followed by three expression enclosed within parentheses.
        The first expression : exp 1 contains initialization statements.
        The second expression:- exp 2 contains limit – test expression.
        The third expression :- exp 3 contains updating expression.

When for loop is used

The for loop is always used when we know initial value final value and updating value . The updating value can be constantly incremented or decremented.

W.A.P to print 1 to 5 using for loop.

  for($i = 1; $i <=5 ; $i++)
  echo $i;


1 2 3 4 5