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About PHP ?

P.H.P is a general purpose scripting language devoted towards web-development. It is widely used language and can be embedded within HTML codes.

Developers can use this open source, server side language to create various websites, whether they are web applications, dynamic websites or static websites.
PHP makes project easier to manage.
PHP generally abbreviated as"Hypertext Pre-processor."

Basically there are two types of web pages :-

  1. Static Web Pages:- Static websites consist of a fixed number of pre-rendered web pages. It doesn't reflect any changes in user action.Static web pages are usually built independently, without connecting to a database.

  2. Dynamic Web Pages:- Dynamic webpages generates pages in real-time. The flexibility of the content and structure makes is possible to what a user experience based on their request or the browser they use. Dynamic websites generate and display content based on the actions taken by a user.

Difference between static and dynamic web pages.

Static Web Pages Dynamic Web Pages
Pre-built content is same every time the page is loaded. Content is generated quickly and changes regularly.
It uses the HTML code for developing a website.It sends exactly the same response for every request. It uses the server side languages such as PHP,SERVLET, JSP, and ASP.NET etc. for developing a application.
The content is only changed when someone publishes and updates the file (sends it to the web server). The page contains "server-side" code which allows the server to generate the unique content when the page is loaded.
Note: Rasmus Lerdorf is known as father of PHP. He created PHP in 1995.