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Learn How to Develop Programming Skill

Welcome to shineskill.com

Learning to Program is a new skill that is popular these days. it is so much in demand that even schools have added programming to their curriculum. With Shineskill.com you can learn programming languages like C, C++, JAVA PYTHON, and web development from basic to advance. Along with dry run concepts by Shankar sir (HOD, CSE ).

How to Learn to Code

Before we begin reading further let me remind you that you have chosen a path that demands patience and motivation to never give up in spite of the challenge on the way. Read through the step by step to become a program

Steps to Learn Programming

Learning C language is very interesting and it is widely used and accepted by the entire software industry. The Process to learn programming languages are same as the process we learn natural languages. Such as:- English, Hindi, etc.


Step 1:- Before learning any language such as( English), we learn the alphabet of English. Here we should learn the alphabet of Programming language.
Step 2:- After that, we learn how one or more alphabets can group together to form meaningful words. In Programming these words are called tokens.
Step 3:- In this step, we learn how one or more words can be grouped together to form meaningful sentences. In a Programming language, the sentences are calledstatements.
Step 4:- Finally, we learn how one or more sentences can be grouped together to achieve a specific task. In a Programming language, a group of statements performing some special task is called a program