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HTML Iframe

What is Iframe ?

Iframe is a inline element used to embed other webpages or website within a page. Iframe can also be used to embedded Youtube video, embed Google map to a webpage.


<iframe src="https://www.shineskill.com"> </iframe>

Iframe Attributes

Iframe Attributes

Attribute Use
src source of iframe
height height of iframe
title title for web accessibility
width width of iframe
allow allow features for iframe
loading="lazy" delay iframe loading if not in viewport
allowfullscreen iframe can open in fullscreen
frameborder 0 to remove default border
name name for iframe used to target on click of hyperlink.

Embed Google Map in iframe

Iframes are also used to embed google map on a webpage. This is a free service by Google Maps. To embed goggle maps in iframe.

How to embed Google Map

Step 1:Open Google Maps.

Step 2: Click Left menu.

Step 3: Choose share or embed map

Step 4: In popup window, choose Embed a map.

Step 5: Choose the size of iframe.

Step 6:Copy iframe and paste on your webpage.

Step 7: Remove frameborder="0" from copied iframe.

Step 8: Save the code and open in browser.

Embed youtube video in iframe

Like google map, a youtube video can also be embedded into iframe and publish on website. To embed a youtube video, follow these steps.

How to embed Google Map

Step 1:Open youtube website.

Step 2: Click share button.

Step 3: Choose embed.

Step 4: Copy embed video code.

Step 5: Remove frameborder="0" from iframe.

Step 6:Save the code and run.