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C++ Operators ?

Operators is a special symbol that tells the compiler to perform specific mathematical or logical Operation. Java supports following lists of operators.Operators are a useful and powerful feature of the C/C++ programming language. Without them, the functionality of C is useless. It makes it easy for a programmer to write codes very efficiently and easily.

“An operator is a symbol that specifies the operation to be performed on various types of operands.(operand may be a constant or variable or function which return a value). An operator may be associated with one or two or three operands.

Example:- a + b
a - b
a * b

Classification of Operators based on operands.

  1. Unary Operators:-An operator that operates on one operand to produce a result is called unary operator.
    Example:--10,-a, *b etc.
  2. Binary Operators:-An An operator that operates on two operands in an expression to produce a result is called a binary operator.
    Example:-a+b, a*b etc.
  3. Ternary Operators:-An operator that operates on three operands to produce a result is called a ternary operator.
    Example:-a?b :c

Classfication based on the types of operation:-

  1. Arithmetic Operator>
    The operators that are used to perform arithmetic operations such as addition( + ), subtraction( - ), multiplication( * ), division( / ), and modulus (%) operations are called arithmetic operators.
    Example:- +, - , *
  2. Relational Operator
    The operators like <, >, =, != etc. that are used to find the realtionship between two operands are called relational operators.
    Example:- < , >= , > ,<=
  3. Logical Operator
    Logical operators are used to check (or) compare the logical relations between the expressions. Logical operator, returns 1 if given condition is true, 0 if given condition is false.
    Example:-&& , ||, !,
  4. Assignment Operator
    An operator which is used to assign the data or result of an expression into a variable is called an assignment operator ( = ).
    Example:- = , +=
  5. Increment Operators
    ++ is an increment operator. This is a unary operator. It increments the value of a variable by one.
    Example:- ++ , --
  6. Conditional Operator
    The conditional operator is sometimes called a ternary operator because it involves three operands. The conditional operator contains a condition followed by two statements or values. If the condition is true the first statement is executed, otherwise the second statement or value.
    Example:- ?:
  7. Bitwise Operator
    The operators that are used to manipulate the bits of given data are called bit wise operators.
    Example:- & , ^
  8. Special Operators
    There are various types of special operators.
    • Comma Operators(The Comma operator can be used to link the related expressions together.)
    • size of Operator(size of returns the size of a variable or datatype.)
    • pointer Operator(it is a complement of &. It is a unary operator that returns the value of the variable at the address specified by its operand.)
    • address Operator(The reference operator noted by ampersand ("&"), is also a unary operator in c languages that uses for assign address of the variables. It returns the pointer address of the variable. )