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What are Tokens?

A token is a smallest or basic unit of any programming languages. when two or more characters was combained thought and form a menaingful word. this type of meaningfull in a programming language is called tokens.

The categories which are apply for tokens are:

  1. Keywords : int, float, do, if etc.
  2. Identifiers : sum, length, i etc.
  3. Constants : 10, 10.5, 'a' etc.
  4. Strings : +, -, *, / etc.
  5. Operators : "hello", "shine" etc.
  6. Special Symbols : {}, [], (), @ etc.
Tip :Every coder struggles a bit when they’re first starting out, and you shouldn’t expect anything different from yourself. It’s simply part of the learning process. But if you stick to it, and you’ll learn these skills faster than you ever thought possible.