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C History ?

C language is developed by Mr. Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973 at bell laboratory at USA, C is a simple and structure Oriented Programming Language. In the year 1988 C programming language standardized by ANSI (American national standard institute), that version is called ANSI-C. In the year of 2000 C programming language standardized by ISO that version is called C-99. All other programming languages were derived directly or indirectly from C programming concepts.

Keypoints about C history :

  1. C was evolved from ALGOL, BCPL and B. C uses many concepts from these languages and added the concept of data types and other powerful features.
  2. It was developed along with the UNIX operating system and it is strongly associated with UNIX.
  3. The UNIX operating system development started in the year 1969, and its code was rewritten in C in the year 1972.
  4. C was used mainly in academic environments, but eventually with the release of many C compilers for commercial use and the increasing popularity of UNIX, it began to widespread among computer professional.
  5. In 1977, Oracle database development started, and in 1983 its code was rewritten from assembly to C. It became one in all the foremost widespread databases within the world.

Note : C was developed at Bell Laboratories in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie.