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Java Character set ?

Java Character Set is the smallest elements of Java language that are used to write about Java tokens. The characters are defined by the Unicode.

The character set is a set of alphabets, letters and some special characters that are valid in Java language.

The first character set used in computing was US-ASCII. It is limited in that it can represent only American English. US-ASCII contains uppercase and lowercase Latin alphabets, numerals, punctuation, a set of control codes, and some miscellaneous symbols.It can define as 16-bit character coding system. It can be supported more than 34,000 defined characters derived from 24 languages from America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia (including India).

Standard charsets

  1. US-ASCII − Seven bit ASCII characters.
  2. ISO-8859-1 − ISO Latin alphabet.
  3. UTF-8 − This is 8 bit UCS transformation format.
  4. UTF-16BE − This is 16 bit UCS transformation format with big endian byte order.
  5. UTF-16LE − This is 16 bit UCS transformation with little endian byte order.
  6. UTF-16 − 16 bit UCS transformation format.