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History of Java?

Java was started as a project called "Oak" by James Gosling in June 1991. Gosling's goals were to implement a virtual machine and a language that had a familiar C-like notation but with greater uniformity and simplicity than C/C++. The first public implementation was Java 1.0 in 1995. It made the promise of "Write Once, Run Anywhere", with free runtimes on popular platforms. It was fairly secure and its security was configurable, allowing for network and file access to be limited. The major web browsers soon incorporated it into their standard configurations in a secure "applet" configuration. popular quickly.

The project for developing this language was started by a team led by James Gosling in 1991. The team was named as Green-Team. In 1992, PDA device name “Star 7” was develope that was run on this Java Technology.In 1995, Java was officially released and this is marked as the releasing year for Java. This release was a huge success, because as soon as java was released a thousands of downloaded were held.

Java Became Oracle Product

  1. Java has been developing and its new versions are being released and it is most commonly used programming languages.
  2. In 2009 a Java-based game called Minecraft was released which became very popular around the users
  3. In 2009, Sun was taken by Oracle due to which Java became an oracle product.

Tip :Java was developed at Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1996 by James Gosling.