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What is Cloud Computing Management ?

Cloud computing management is maintained and controlled the services or resources of public, private or hybrid cloud .Cloud management software is typically deployed into existing cloud environments as a virtual machine (VM) that contains a database and a server.The database collects information on how the virtual or cloud infrastructure is performing and sends analyses to a web interface where cloud admins can visualize and analyze cloud performance.

Cloud management software tools provide capabilities for managing faults, accounting, security, other performance maintenance and configuration. Cloud computing management includes not only managing resources in the cloud but also managing on-premises resources.

Cloud Management Tasks

The cloud provider executes the number of tasks to ensure efficient use of cloud resources.

  1. Audit System Backups
  2. It is required to audit the backups from time to time to ensure restoration of randomly selected files of different users.this will be perform by the cloud provider and organizations.

  3. Data Flow of the System
  4. This process was explains the movement of data belonging to an organization throughout the cloud computing.The responsiblity of manager to develop a diagram of detailed process flow.

  5. Vendor Lock-In Awareness and Solutions
  6. The managers was know movement of the data from a server to another in case the organization decides to switch providers.

  7. Knowing Provider’s Security Procedures
  8. The managers was know the security plans of the provider such as Multitenant use, E-commerce processing, Employee screening etc.

  9. Monitoring the Capacity, Planning and Scaling abilities
  10. The manager was know the capacity planning for the cloud provider would be able to meet the requirement of business or not.

  11. Monitoring audit log –
  12. In order to identify the errors of the system managers must audit the logs on a regular basis.

  13. Solution Testing and Validation.
  14. It will be necessary to test a solution and verify the results and for error-free solution.