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What is Private Cloud ?

Private Cloud service was access by Individuals/organizations.It is also known as an internal cloud, enterprise cloud, or corporate cloud, a private cloud is typically managed by internal resources and its use is not restricted to anyone outside of the organization.it can managed by organization or third party also.
Some examples of Private clouds are : HP Data Centers, Microsoft, Elastra-private cloud.

Advantages of Private Cloud Computing.

  • Cost efficiency :
  • Cloud computing solves all of these problems for a business. The cloud provider takes on all of the hassles associated with infrastructure, maintenance and utility management for the servers.

  • More secure
  • private cloud services are dedicated to a single organization. The hardware, data storage, and connection are designed to assure higher levels of security.

  • Better performance
  • A private cloud stays inside the company's intranet network behind a firewall. It provides access to the same resources as the public model, but with less exposure to Internet security risks.

  • Quick Deployments
  • It allows us to deploy our services to the cloud more quickly and with fewer clicks.

  • On-Demand Self-service
  • The services are provided any time any where through the internet.

  • More Customizable
  • It is more Customizable as companies get to custmize their solution as per requirement.

Disadvantages of Private Cloud Computing .

  • Higher cost
  • Private clouds are more expensive than public because they require maintenance of hardware & software.

  • Area of Restricted
  • Private Cloud is accessible within an organization so, the area of operation is limited.

  • Limited Scalability
  • Unlike the Public cloud, the Private cloud is not much scalable. Whenever there is a demand for a particular service, the IT department will be falling short.