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Python Features

  1. Simple and easy to learn: When we read a Python program, we feel like reading English sentences. It means more clarity and less stress on understanding the syntax of the language.

  2. C Program to add two numbers
     void main() 
     int a=4,b=5,c;

    Python Program to add two numbers

  3. Open Source : There is no need to pay for python software. We can download freely from www.python.org. Its source code can be read, modified and can be used in programs as required by the developer.

  4. High-level-Language : There are two types of programming language low level and high level. A low level language uses machine code instruction to develop program. High level language use English words to develop programs. It is easy to learn and use like COBOL, PHP, or java python also use English words in its programs and hence, it is called high level programming language.

  5. Dynamically Typed : We don't have to declare the type of a variable or manage the memory while assigning a value to a variable in Python. Other languages like C, C++, Java, etc.., there is a strict declaration of variables before assigning values to them. Like In c c++ java => int a =4; but in python a=4; no need to define type of variable.

  6. Platform dependent : Write ones run anywhere


How Python Programs work ?

  • Step 1 : write a program
  • a=4

  • Step 2 : Compile using python compiler

  • Step 3 : After compile It transfer into an intermediate code called byte code.

  • Step 4 : inside the PVM an interpreter converts the byte code into machine code so processor will understand and run.

  • Step 5 : Give you the desired output.