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Python Characterset ?

A symbol that is used to write a program is called a character set.
A character set is a set of valid characters acceptable by a programming language in scripting.

A characterset can be Letters, Digits, Symbols, White spaces etc.

  • Letters :Lower case Letter a b c d e f ……….. Upper case letter A B C D E F ……………………

  • Digits :from 0 to 9.

  • Symbols : # hash % percent ( left parentheses ) right parentheses {left brace } right brace ; semicolon “ double quotation.

  • White spaces :White spaces like tab space, blank space, newline, and carriage return.

Note:- Python character set is a valid set of characters recognized by the Python language. These are the characters we can use during writing a script in Python. Python supports all ASCII / Unicode characters.