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Python identifiers ?

Identifiers are the names given to variables, constants, functions and class while writing a program.

reea --> area --> understand by programmer i.e identifier

Rules for an identifier

  • An Identifier can only have alphanumeric characters(a-z , A-Z , 0-9) and underscore(_).
  • The first character of an identifier can only contain alphabet(a-z , A-Z) or underscore (_) not digits.
  • Identifiers are also case sensitive in python. For example name and Name are two different identifiers.
  • Keywords are not allowed to be used as Identifiers.
  • No special characters, such as semicolon, period, whitespaces, slash or comma, $,@ are permitted to be used in or as Identifier. Ex ab@c , ab$c are give error.

Note:- Python is a case-sensitive language and it has some rules and regulations to name an identifier.