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Explain of Editing in Ms Word ?

In editing option be will use find , Replace , goto , select etc.


Some option of a Editing :-


This option is used to find the word in a large document.Shortcut key of cut is (Ctrl + F) .

  1. Select the document.
  2. Go to find option .
  3. Write which word you find in a document.
  4. Then click on find button.


This Option is used to Replace the word in a document those word you will replace it.the shortcut is (ctrl+ H):

  1. Select the document.
  2. Go to Replace option.
  3. first be write which word was replace in find option and then write those word you have replace it.
  4. Then click on Replace button.

Go to

Go to option helps us to go any line ina document , any page you will go with the help of go to option. its shortcut key is (Ctrl + G)

  1. click on find option and the click on go to option.
  2. Then select the option like line ,page , hyperlink , bookmark.
  3. After you will choose your option then click on go to button.


This option is used to select the text or document.

1.Select All :- select all is used to select all the text or document.shortkey is (Ctrl + A)

2.Select Object :- This obtion is used to select the shapes and text area.

2.Selection Pane..:- This obtion is used to see the selected shapes and text area in page.