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Explain all the option of Ms Word Page Setup group ?

In Page Setup group we have customized the margine of the page and set the page size and also write the paragraph in columns and break the columns or etc.


Some option of a Page setup group :-

Margine in Ms word

In Ms word,this option is used to set the margine of the document, or current section.

  1. Go to layout tab
  2. Click on click on margines.
  3. Choose your "default margine" or "custom margines".
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  5. Whene be choose Custom margine
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  7. Click on custom margin
  8. Customize your page from left, right ,top and bottom.
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  10. Then click on "ok button".

Orientation in Ms word

  1. Go to layout Tab.
  2. Click on Orientation option.
  3. Choose your option portrait or landscape.
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Columns in Ms word

In Ms word columns are used to divided the text into to or more columns.

  1. Select the two or more paragraph.
  2. Go to layout tab
  3. Click on Columns option.
  4. Choose the option of columns.
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Break in Ms word.

Break is used add pages breaks, section or column breaks, wrap the text matter to the document.

  1. Click a Cursor where you want to break the column.
  2. Go to layout tab.
  3. Click on Break option.
  4. Then choose your break option.
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