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Explain all the option of Ms Word Links group ?

An Links group be have Discuss all the option like how to insert a bookmark in a documents , Create a hyperlinks , or use of cross reference.


Some option of a Links group :-

Hyperlinks in Ms Word.

A hyperlink is a word or image that you can click on to jump to a new document, or a new section within the document, or to a webpage, etc.When you hyperlink text or graphics, they become clickable and connect you to outside information or to somewhere else within your document.Hyperlinks are also called as a link or web link.

  1. Select the word or text in a document to create a links.
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  3. Go to Links Group.
  4. Then click on links Option.
  5. Choose a file to attached with a selected word or text .
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  7. After linked text or word its color will changed in "blue" .
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    how to open a attached file from a linked word or text.

  9. Put your cursor on linked word or text.
  10. Then press "Ctrl + click the follow links".
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  12. Your attached file will be open.

Bookmark in Ms Word

A bookmark in Microsoft Word works with as a hyperlinks. Bookmark means that you will be marked a word ,Sentence or text in our document and it can be easy to find the marked text in document. we can marked many word with diffrent bookmarked name.

  1. Select the word or text which you have marked.
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  3. Go to insert tabs.
  4. Click on Bookmark.
  5. Write a bookmark name of a selected word.
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  7. Then click on "Add Button".
  8. And then save the document.
  9. how to chek bookmark text in our document.

  10. Open your save document which you have do bookmark.
  11. Then Go to insert tab
  12. Click on bookmark option.
  13. Choose the bookmark name.
  14. And then click on "Go to button".
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