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How to create Mail and Merge in Ms Word to step by step ?

    Step 1:

  1. Go to Mailing tab
  2. Click on "start Mail Merge".
  3. Then click on "latters".
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    Step 2:

  5. Click on "Select Recipient"
  6. Fill the "Address list" and also "customize the columns"
  7. When fill the frist line of column then click on "New entry" button and also press "tab key on keyboard".
  8. Click on "OK" button.
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  10. Press and then Save the data on your system.
  11. Enter the "File name".
  12. After write file name then click on "save button".

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    Step 3:

  14. Click on "Insert Merge Field"
  15. Then click and select the option.
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  17. click on "Greeting line"
  18. click on "Ok"
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  20. write a latter.
  21. Again Click on "Insert Merge Field"
  22. Then click and select the option for insert footer option .
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    Step 4:

  24. Click on "preview result" to view your merge latter
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    Step 5:

  26. Click on "Finish & Merge"
  27. Click on "edit individual document"
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  29. Select on "All" option
  30. Click on "Ok"
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  32. Then scroll And check your all latter .